Faculty Of Pharmacy : Institut Des Sciences Pharmaceutiques Et Biologiques

The faculty is located on the “Lyon Santé Est” campus in the 8th district of Lyon. 

Its address is 8 Avenue Rockefeller 69008 LYON.

The faculty has a dedicated website where you will find a lot of useful information and contacts: https://ispb.univ-lyon1.fr

 The Faculty of Pharmacy is part of a bigger university named Lyon 1 Claude Bernard: https://www.univ-lyon1.fr

The faculty

It can be difficult to find your way around at first but after a few weeks, it gets easier.😉

The main building of Rockefeller

Please find in the link below the map with all the rooms of Rockefeller https://lyon-est.univ-lyon1.fr/la-faculte/service-audiovisuel/batiment-principal-rockefeller

This building has the cafeteria, the library, ED, TP classrooms, amphitheaters I to IV, teachers’ rooms, student organization rooms, printing room, research laboratories

L’Amicale : AAEPL

-It is a Pharmacy students organization of the faculty. We suggest you to join this organization because it offers a number of services : “Ronéos”, printing plant, the events it organizes, purchase of handouts (for example past exams, practical work’s statement (referred as TP)), purchase of a TP kit with briefcase containing a blouse, glasses, a propipette and a spatula. Membership costs 8€. “Ronéos” are the professor's courses written by student volunteers. It serves as course material to learn easier or if you miss a course. It contains the main points of the lesson.

The print shop

Located at the entrance, under the main stairs, this is a service offered by the AAEPL : you can come and print your course material at an affordable price.

The other school buildings

  • Cier building                

You can find the site plan with all the rooms on the faculty’s website. Follow this link :https://lyon-est.univ-lyon1.fr/la-faculte/service-audiovisuel/tous-les-lieux-par-etages-cier

In this building, you can find the lecture halls A, B and C, ED rooms ( these rooms have “cier” in their name). ED means Directed Teachings.

Beside the Cier building, you can find the university restaurant named Resto’U.

  • Laënnec

You can find the site plan with all the rooms on the faculty’s website. Follow this link :https://lyon-est.univ-lyon1.fr/la-faculte/service-audiovisuel/tous-les-lieux-par-etages-laennec-la-buire

This is the campus of the Faculty of Dentistry. Sometimes, ED occur in this building. You can go there with the metro D, at the stop “Laënnec” or walk from Rockefeller campus (5 minutes).

Cier building

How to get to the campus ?

Located in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, at the metro D’s stop Grange BlancheIt’s easy to reach the faculty by public transport or by public bike (named Vélo’v). You can also come by foot or with your own bike if you have one. The campus provides many bike parkings, you will just have to provide an anti-theft device.

  • Bus : n°34, C8, C13,C16,C22, C26                  
  • Bike : 2 Vélo’v stations : https://velov.grandlyon.com/fr/home
  • Link to Lyon public transport website: https://www.tcl.fr
  • Subway : line D
  • Tramway : T2, T5

Where to eat on the campus ?

  • The university restaurant
    • The university restaurant is referred to as “RU”. You will have a complete menu by choosing from a choice of appetizers, main courses, cheese and desserts. It’s open from Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 1:45pm. The price of meals is 3€30 with your student card.Beside it, you can find the building Cier.
  • The Rabelais Cafeteria
    • You will find a wide choice of drinks, sandwiches, fruits, salads, paninis...The cafeteria is open from 11:30am to 1:45pm.The price of meals is 3€30 with your student card. Beside it, you can find the building Cier.
  • IZLY
    • IZLY is the payment service of the university. It allows you to pay with your student card on campus. First, you have to create a user account and then you can directly top up your account via your bank account.To create your account, you need a french mobile numberYou can also pay with your credit card but you will not be able to pay in cash. You have to always keep your student card with you in order to benefit from the student rate. https://mon-espace.izly.fr/Home/Enrollment
  • You can also bring your own meal, you can warm up your dishes at the premises of the AAEPL, the association of pharmacy students.
The University Restaurant